flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Guided Missile and Rocket Systems

Nike-Hercules (MIM-14)

Ammunition and Related Components

Battery, BB-401/U and/or BA-617/U:

Body Section, Fore and Aft, Missile Fins and Rocket Motor Fins:

Body Section, Fore and Aft, packed in M410 Container:

Booster Thrust Assembly with Hardware:

Combined Inert and Explosive Components, Mixed Container Loads:

Control Surface Kit, packed in M31 Container:

Fin Assembly, Rocket Motor

Igniter, Rocket Motor, M24, M65 and/or M69:

Rocket Motor, M5 Series and/or M88 Series, packed in M13 Series Container:

Ground Support Equipment

Antenna-Receiver-Transmitter Group, OA-1487 (TTR), OA-1340 (MTR) and TRR:

Director Station, Trailer Mounted:

Electronic Shop No. 1, Trailer Mounted, AN/MPM-46A, FSN: 4935-474-5273:

Electronic Shop No. 2, Trailer Mounted, AN/MPM-46B, FSN: 4935-474-5274:

Electronic Shop No. 3, Trailer Mounted, AN/MPM-52A:

Electronic Shop, M304, Trailer Mounted, MS:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7441-GSE11NH15 - Revision 1
  • Flatcar: 19-48-7093-GSE5NH17 - Revision 2

Fixed Hipar Components:

Launcher Control Group, Trailer Mounted, AN/MSW-4:

Launcher, Monorail, M36:

M529 Low Bed Trailer:

Radar without Trailer, MTR, TTR and TRR:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7523-GSE11NH33

Simulator Station, Radar Signal, AN/MPQ-T1:

Test Equipment, Electronic Shop, AN/TSM-63, M109 Van:

Test Station, Truck Mounted, AN/MSM-79 (MTU) (2-1/2 Ton Truck) HIPAR, ECU:

Tracking Station, Trailer Mounted:

Van, Electronic, 1-1/2 Ton, 2 Wheel:

Van, without Bogies, for BC, RC, LCT and Shops:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7495-GSE11NH32