flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Guided Missile and Rocket Systems

Hawk (MIM-23)

Ammunition and Related Components

Body Section in M417E2 Container and/or Empty Container M417E2:

Missile in M430 or M611 Container and/or Empty Container M430 or M611:

Rocket Motor, M22E8 and/or M112:

Rocket Motor, M112:

Rocket Motor, M22:

Ground Support Equipment

Console, Assault Fire Command, AN/TSM-4:

  • Tactical Vehicle: 19-48-7511-GSE17HA2

Control Box, AN/GSA-50:

  • Tactical Vehicle: 19-48-7512-GSE17HA3

Field Maintenance Equipment Shop 20:

Field Maintenance Equipment Shop 21:

ICC, AN/MSQ-95 and Platoon Command Post, AN/MSW-9 and/or AN/MSW-11:

Launcher, Carrier Mounted, M754:

Launcher, Zero Length, M78 and/or M192:

Loader Transporter, M501:

Mobile Team Transit Case:

Pallet, Loading and Storage, M1:

Platoon Support Van, Truck Mounted, M109:

Platoon Support Van/Maintenance Center, Mounted on 5-Ton Cargo Truck, M934:

  • Flatcar: 19-48-7894-GSE5HA66

Platoon Support Van/Maintenance Center, Off Loaded:

  • Flatcar: 19-48-7893-GSE5HA65

Radar Set, AN/MPQ-34 and/or AN/MPQ-48:

Radar Set, AN/MPQ-35 and/or AN/MPQ-50:

Radar Set, AN/MPQ-37 and/or AN/MPQ-51:

Radar Set, AN/MPQ-39 and/or AN/MPQ-46:

Shop Equipment, BCC and Simulator Station, AN/TSM-44 and/or AN/TSM-112:

Shop Equipment, Organizational Maintenance, AN/MSM-43, Trailer Mounted:

Trailer, Guided Missile, 2-Wheel, M502: