flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Guided Missile and Rocket Systems

Lance (MGM-52)

Ammunition and Related Components

Control Surface, M30, in M596 or Plywood Container, and M29, in M597 Container:

Main Assemblage, M5 and/or M6 (Inert), packed in M599 Container:

Warhead Section, packed in M544 Container:

Ground Support Equipment

Handling Unit, M39:

Launch Fixture Assembly:

Launcher, Carrier Mounted, M752:

Launcher, Zero Length, M740:

Loader Transporter, M688:

Mobility Kit, Launcher, M234:

Propellant Draining Kit:

Shelter, Electrical Equipment, Modified S250-G, Crated and Uncrated:

Shelter, Electrical Equipment, Modified S250-G, mounted on a M715 Truck: