flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Guided Missile and Rocket Systems

Honest John (MGR-1)

Ammunition and Related Components

Fin Assembly, M136 Series:

Rocket Motor, M3 Series:

Rocket Motor, M66 or M66A1, with Four Fins, M17:

Warhead Assembly, M1 Series and/or Warhead Section, M38:

Warhead Assembly, M38, M144 or M186 packed in M473 Container:

Ground Support Equipment

Ancillary Ground Support Equipment:

  • Boxcar: 19-48-7129-GSE5HJ19
  • Van Trailer: 19-48-7503-GSE11HJ20

Heating and Tiedown Unit, M78A1, Truck Mounted:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7490-GSE11HJ8
  • Flatcar: 19-48-7116-GSE5HJ7

Launcher, M289, Truck Mounted:

  • Flatcar: 19-48-7114-GSE5HJ5

Launcher, M33:

Launcher, M386, Truck Mounted:

  • Flatcar: 19-48-7115-GSE5HJ6

Rocket Transporter, M329, M329A1 or M405A1:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7489-GSE11HJ4
  • Flatcar: 19-48-7113-GSE5HJ3

Trailer, M465:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7491-GSE11HJ10
  • Flatcar: 19-48-7117-GSE5HJ9

Wind Measuring Set, AN/MMQ-1B:

  • Flatbed or Low-Boy: 19-48-7492-GSE11HJ12
  • Flatcar: 19-48-7118-GSE5HJ11