flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Conventional Ammunition Items

Fuzes and Primers


Fuse, Blasting Time, 4-Box Skidded Unit:

Fuse, Blasting, Time, 6-Box Skidded Unit:

Fuze, Base Detonating:

Fuze, Electric Time:

Fuze, Mechanical Time:

Fuze, Mechanical Time and Superquick:

Fuze, Multi-Option:

Fuze, Multioption, Precision Guidance Kit (PGK), XM1156:

Fuze, Multi-Option or Point Detonating:

Fuze, Point Detonating:

Fuze, Point Detonating and/or Mechanical Time:

Fuze, MOFA, MT, MTSQ, PD, or Proximity:

Fuze, Point Detonating, Practice:

Fuze, Point Initiating, Base Detonating:

Fuze, Proximity:

Fuze, Proximity or MTSQ:

Fuze, Time:

Fuze, VT, packed in MK1, MK2 and MK3 Metal Boxes:

Igniter, Electric Primer, M63:

Plunger, Delay:

Primer, Electric:

Primer, Electric or Percussion:

Primer, Percussion: