flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Miscellaneous Ammunition-Related Items

Miscellaneous Items

105MM Howitzer, M119:

105MM Howitzer, M204:

155MM Howitzer, M198:

Adapter Kit, 5-Ton Dump, FMTV:

Aft End Load Restraint:

Attachment of Strap Cutter to Unit Loads of Ammunition:

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Finishing Requirements for Metal Pallets and/or Pallet Adapters:

Container, M621, Empty and Separator:

Drain Hole Installation:

  • Half-High ISO Container: DA-113

Empty 20-foot Intermodal Freight Containers:

General Welding Procedures:

Heat Treatment of Wooden Pallets, Skids, Filler Assemblies, and Dunnage Assemblies:

Loading Ramp for Intermodal Freight Container:

Loading Ramp for CROP Loading/Unloading into Intermodal Freight Container:

Loose Round Restraint System (LRRS), 120MM Mortar Rounds in Fiber Tubes:

Metal Box, M2A1, Empty:

MILVAN (ISO Container) Repair and Inspection Stand:

Naval Otto Fuel II in 55 Gallon Polyethylene Drums:

Naval Otto Fuel II in Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) 550 Gallon Storage Tanks:

Overhead Protection for ISO Containers:

Radioactive Yellow-II Label Placement:

Railroad Terminology for Preparing Report of Damaged or Improper Shipment:

Sealless Combination Tool for 3/4" Steel Strapping:

Securement of Empty or Loaded MILVAN Containers:

Sling, Multiple Leg Top Lift:

Type 1 (1/2 Size) & Type 2 (Standard) Cargo Transporters ("Via Conex"):

Unit Load Marking for Shipment and Storage, Ammunition and Explosives:

Universal Load Retainer:

Wire Rope and Annealed Wire Application Methods for Securing Lading on Rail and Motor Carrier Equipment: