flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Chemical Munitions and Items


Ballonet, MXU-695B (Bigeye), packed in CNU-388A/E Container:

Bomb Body, BLU-80/B (Bigeye), packed in CNU-396/E Container:

Bomb, Cluster, Incendiary, BZ, M43 Series:

Bomb, Cluster, Incendiary, TH-3, M36 Series:

Bomb, Fire, BLU-27 and/or BLU-32:

Bomb, GB, 500 Lb, MK94 Mod 0, Wood Pallet:

Bomb, GB, 500 Lb, MK94 Mod 0, packed in MK410 Series Container:

Bomb, GB, MC-1:

Bomb, GB, MK116 (Weteye), packed in MK398 Series Container:

Cluster Generator, M44 Series: