flames radiating outward of centeral round point

Defense Ammunition Center

Guided Missile and Rocket Systems

Target Missile and Drones (MQM-33)

Aerial Drone:

  • "DF" Boxcar: 19-48-5467-GM5A154
  • Boxcar: 19-48-5394-GM5A83
  • Standard Magazine: 19-48-5179-GM2A15
  • TOFC, Flatbed: 19-48-5700-GM15A66
  • TOFC, Van Trailer, BHD: 19-48-5701-GM15A67
  • Van Trailer: 19-48-5586-GM11A75
  • Warehouse: 19-48-5178-GM10A15

Ballistic Aerial Target System (BATS):

Ballistic Aerial Target System (BATS) in 1-Unit, 4-Unit and 8-Unit Packs:

Booster, Motor Assembly:

  • Unit: 19-48-5261-GM20TD1 - Revision 1

Radar Reflector Pod, M82:

  • "DF" Boxcar: 19-48-5456-GM5A143
  • Boxcar: 19-48-5399-GM5A86 - Revision 1
  • Standard Magazine: 19-48-5182-GM2A16 - Revision 1
  • TOFC, Flatbed: 19-48-5702-GM15A68
  • TOFC, Van Trailer, BHD: 19-48-5717-GM15A82
  • Van Trailer: 19-48-5590-GM11A78
  • Warehouse: 19-48-5181-GM10A18 - Revision 1acrobat pdf symbol - red drawing of looped triange