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Defense Ammunition Center

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Welcome to Defense Ammunition Center

The Defense Ammunition Center (DAC) encompasses Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) G4 Logistics Review and Technical Assistance Office (LRTAO), the U.S. Army Technical Center for Explosives Safety (USATCES), and the Training Directorate’s Explosives Safety school. DAC is the Army's sustainment think-tank and premier learning institution, delivering game-changing professionals and solutions.

DAC is a Center for Excellence for Munitions and Explosives Safety. DAC executes Army authority through policy development, technical assessment, and compliance, enabling Soldiers to aptly perform in the operational environment (e.g., large scale combat operations, multi-domain operations, and the Army ammunition and explosives enterprise). DAC provides worldwide support with technical expertise and training for ammunition surveillance, logistics management, technical transportation of hazardous materials, and explosives safety for Department of Defense (DOD) military, civilian, and approved contractor personnel through mobile training teams, satellite training locations, and via distance learning.

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For those that are in search of the Yellowbook app, you can find the mobile app store links here. To request a hard copy or PDF version of the Yellow Book, please email usarmy.mcalester.usamc.list.dac-yellowbook@army.mil.

Mission:DAC executes Army authority through policy development, technical assessment, and compliance; DAC trains explosives safety, ammunition surveillance, logistics management, and the technical transportation of hazardous materials; DAC training prepares Soldiers to perform in the operational environment, e.g., large scale combat operations, multi-domain operations, and throughout the Army Enterprise.

Vision:DAC is the Army integrator for explosives safety risk management, hazardous materials certification training, and supporting evolutionary changes in all disciplines of munitions safety, logistics management, quality assurance, as well as shaping explosives safety policy throughout the DoD and Other Government Agencies.